How Technology Affects Business Operations

Technology transforms business daily in an speeding up rate. All business branches and departments literally absorb new software and hardware, as the Internet and intranets facilitate and accelerate business operations hugely. Data is becoming virtualised, companies’ target markets and objectives get constantly globalised and business communication is presently media-based in an unparalleled degree.

Virtual databases

The days are gone of paper and pen data management. Exactly the same fate appears to await internal company digital databases whose role has been absorbed by cloud-computing services for example Gmail or Google Docs. The Web is easily the most efficient tool of todays business with regards to handling information. Increasingly more companies deploy their data and run them entirely inside the clouds, which enables bigger categories of employees to gain access to, share and edit them online from everywhere anytime. Aside from online storage, the web offers the chance to gather data. It facilitates and accelerates gathering business intelligence on competitors, performing research on market demands and searching for brand new clients.

Global marketing and e-commerce

Another utilization of technology running a business is the use of online solutions in sales and marketing. For that companies this means globalising their target audience. Their customers and partners, however, enjoy elevated accessibility to the help. E-commerce, internet marketing and customer support make business worldwide, supplying worldwide outreach for brands like Amazon . com or Microsoft. Additionally to that particular, social internet marketing gave rise to viral marketing tactics and have started to constitute hugely efficient method for company and product promotion.

High-tech communication

Business communication is yet another aspect that has been revolutionised through the coming of social networking along with other technologies. While cell phones, emails and PDAs have grown to be the fundamental way of communicating both with clients and remote co-workers, fast transport possibilities an internet-based conferences permit meeting partners from around the globe, physically or virtually. Top-lower and horizontal communication between employees is basically facilitated by intranet technologies. Their overriding function would be to streamline the workflow, that is achieved by supplying workers with increased accurate and individualised information and executing their focus on proper objectives. Finally, the Social CRM enabled enterprises to handle and keep relationships using their clients, have them up-to-date using the companies’ offers and establish rapport.

Business technology traps

Technological solutions ensure tremendous upsurge within the access and speed of business operations, eliminating physical and geographical barriers to promote development. Nonetheless, together with these benefits, numerous concerns concerning the implementation of economic technologies arise. Security issues are on the line since computers might be hacked into and knowledge kept in clouds and company databases is vulnerable to thievery. In addition, using high-technology entails continual interest in updating costly hardware and software. Finally, the ubiquity of communication devices and the necessity to stay constantly in contact can lead to the employees’ frustration and a feeling of their entrapment by technology.